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5 Critical Questions

The following questions are critical to churches effectively being planted, growing, and continuing to plant out daughter churches, multiplying leaders and disciples. Each question must be answered while considering the context within which the planting will take place and will be adjusted according to the resources God has provided or we trust He will provide. The ABCD's of church planting (in parentheses below) focus on the activities which provide the answers to five critical questions related to multiplying churches.  These activities will be laid out in some detail elsewhere on the website. 

Q1: Who can effectively plant churches? (Assessing)

Q2: How should planters be prepared? (Basic Training)

Q3: What support will these planters need? (Coaching)

Q4: How can our planters grow and develop? (Developing)

Q5: Where can we find the needed resources? (Mobilizing)

Stalks of Wheat
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